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Dr. Becky Senicz


Name:  Dr. Becky Senicz
Favorite Animals:  Cats and Dogs
Favorite Color:  Don't have one

Meet the proud owner and vet at Animal House, Dr. Becky Senicz!  Dr. Becky graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in art education, then went on to vet school at the University of Georgia, graduating with her D.V.M. in 1980.   Dr. Becky’s favorite part about working at Animal House is spending every day working with animals.  When she’s not healing her furry friends at the clinic, she’s taking care of all 5 of her children at home.  Even though it sounds like she’s already reached the top, Dr. Becky has some pretty lofty goals.  She strives to make Animal House the best full service animal care facility anywhere while maintaining the personal relationships developed with clients and patients.  She also would like to take some major steps toward ending the animal suffering that goes on every day, all around us.  Why can't we all be like Dr. Becky?

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